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Entry #1


2009-12-05 14:26:48 by 666X999

Hey kiddos, first post.
I'll use this space to give ya'll some links to fancy music.
It might be some underground hip-hop sometimes, indieness others.
Probably a large mix of whatever I find awesome these days.

This week: Farout from St. Louis
Genre: Hip-Hop
He's got separate tracks and the full album on the site for free so check it out.
I was gonna put it on the audio portal but it isn't my work so yeah, this is better.
I asked him if I could and he said yes but unfortunately the audio portal still doesn't allow posting music just to spread out the word for friends so I can't.
Anyways, check him out folks.



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2009-12-05 16:11:38

Have that guy make an account here and upload it. Or make it for him since he gave you permission. Either or.
I'm not much for current hiphop but that's really good stuff.